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Staff and payroll is one of the most popular activities outsourced by companies. It is strictly connected with many advantages and benefits which the company can feel in a very short time.

  • Confidentiality and safety of the personal data

The access to personal data and files is limited to only strictly authorized employees. Salaries and benefits are not the subject of any gossip and are strictly confidential. What is more, IT system and files are properly secured and saved.

  • Saving money

Outsourcing brings cost reduction because you are free from many costs like: buying extra desk, computer, proper software, calculator and finally paying salary, payroll tax expense, workman’s compensation and general liability insurances, sick time, health insurance, and other benefits a good full time staff and payroll specialist will expect from the employer. No software updates, computer maintenance, training costs, etc. Professional outsourcing office divides all the costs between many Customers and can offer a very good fee for a monthly service and what is very important the fee is calculated on the number of employees.

  • Correctness of the record-keeping

As a professional company we often help in extraordinary situations which are to difficult to permanent employees sharing our strong knowledge and experience with our clients.

  • Permanence of work

Because many activities regarding staff and payroll service should be prepared on time, eventual sickness or absence of the employee responsible for staff and payroll, can bring some financial fees or at the very last nervousness and an anxiety of the employer. If you will outsource it, the burden of the responsibility for this will take your outsourcing partner.

  • Individual solutions

The full scope of staff and payroll services, the fee as well as some main principles of the operating cooperation are always set individually.

On a temporary basis or ongoing we can help you in:

  • Preparation of a payroll list, including computation of personal income tax and income costs as well as tax relief and social insurance premiums
  • Estimating insurance fees, preparation of declaration for the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and tax declarations and submission of declarations to an appropriate revenue office and in an appropriate branch of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
  • Calculating wages during sick leaves including sickness benefit, maternity leave and others
  • Preparation of the collective bookkeeping order form payroll
  • Representation of a Client in relationships with the Social Insurance Institution and with other budget institutions in connection with an order having been taken
  • Operating personal files of employees
  • Running holiday sheets record
  • Preparing organizational statutes
  • Preparing remunerating and awarding bonuses regulations
  • Incentive programmes for employees


  • Preparing organizational statute
  • Preparing remunerating and awarding bonuses regulations
  • Incentive programmes for employees

If you want to know more please contact with our consultant. He will propose you concrete customized solutions and options. We are at your disposal under the telephone number (022) 833 32 48, e-mail:

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