Why is accounting outsourcing more and more popular?
Outsourcing lets the owner to focus on his/her core business, not waste his/her time overseeing accounting department or controlling the accountant. What is more, the level of quality is higher in outsourcing solutions. As a professional provider HORYZON guarantees highly-skilled team of chief accountants, staf&payroll specialists and financial experts. Horyzon is also skilled in the technology, methodology and infrastructure related to that field. Many companies just can’t afford for such team of experts and investments. Moreover, outsourcing can bring even to 50% of savings.

What functions can be outsourced?
The most popular are accounting, reporting, and staff & payroll. Because of the fact that accounting, payroll or reporting are easy to parameterize, outsourcing of above mentioned functions can be used towards every company regardless its activity or size.

Won’t I lose control over accounting and financial information?
Quite the contrary. The access to data and files is absolutely free. HORYZON as an independent accountant will implement outside rules of controlling and will support managers with individually prepared reports. That means higher security level of financial information, and what is important managers receive correct and on time send financial information necessary to manage the company. HORYZON gives them better tools to control the company.

How do you calculate the fee?
Taking into consideration the fact that accounting, reporting as well as staff & payroll are easy to calibrate and parameterize, the fee is mostly calculated on: the number of accounting documents, the range of services, frequency and kind of reports or the number of employees. However, in HORYZON the fee is always calculated individually.

How is it possible, that HORYZON works better for less?
Firstly, we are experts in accountancy and our business is only accounting and finance. It is our core business. Secondly, we use the best methodologies, quality and efficiency controlling systems. And thirdly our knowledge and the scale of business let us observe synergy effects and that is why we can propose better financial conditions of cooperation.

What makes HORYZON different from other accounting offices?
HORYZON is a company working on the basis of the best outsourcing methodology. Our strong experience in cooperation with big companies, stock exchange and foreign controlled companies is our unique know–how that we can also use with small and medium companies. You can count on our professionalism, reliability, trust and correctness. We share the best practices, offer alternatives and we are on time and on point. We are not only accounting office, but also someone who understands numbers and help clients to mange their companies by preparing the best financial information. We are principled, independent, honest and ethic advisors who can help you understand what your numbers mean.

What are the steps to start the cooperation?
Firstly, we should receive as more information about your needs and your accounting system as it is possible. It is quite easy by filling-out our query form. From this moment we can customize our proposal for you. Understanding the needs and its correct estimation is clue for preparing the best offer. After analyzing the form we propose a short meeting to discuss it, to talk about your business, to detail your needs in the field of reporting for example and to know better each other. After that meeting we are ready to send you the best and absolutely customized proposal.

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