For our Customers, as well as all entrepreneurs, which have extra needs for cash we have prepared special product - loans for current business activity.

This form of financing meets world accepted standards of financing transactions and includes complex finance management, monitoring and debt collection.

We are aware that banking requirements and formalities are often too restrictive and too complicated for many companies. The chance for obtaining a loan in our company is much bigger. We propose simple rules and all the formalities we accomplish fast and earnestly with a limited documentary requirements. We do not require collaterals, and our loan is also available for start-up companies.

The idea of the loan is very simple. You trade with your customers as usual, but the sales invoices you submit also to our company. On the base of the invoices, during 2 days at the latest, we transfer you money, which you can spend for expanding your activity and new transactions. We inform your clients that they should pay directly to our account.


  • Regular cash transfers.
  • Better profitability.
  • More money for expansions and investments.
  • Increase of competitiveness by offering higher terms of payments to your customers.
  • Limiting the risk relating to insolvency of your customers.

To receive more detailed information we encourage to contact with our specialist who is at your disposal under the telephone number (022) 833 32 48 or e-mail: He will answer all your questions and inform you about other forms of financing.

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